Renewable Energy - a committment to the future.

Renewable energy sources which derive their energy from the sun, either directly or indirectly, such as  solar & wind, are expected to be capable
of  supplying humanity energy for almost another billion years.

Climate change (and other factors) are driving legislation increasingly toward renewable energy, which is also the most economic solution for new
grid-connected capacity in areas with good resources.  As the cost of renewable power falls, the scope of economically viable application increases.
Renewable  technologies are now often the  most economic solution for new generating capacity, especially in rural areas.

Today, Renewable Energy sources provide only 19% of all electricity generated worldwide.  According to a projection by the International Energy Agency,  solar power generators
may produce most of the world’s electricity within the next 50 years, dramatically reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that harm the  environment.
CENTRAL PRODUCTS LLC has over 39 combined years of hands-on expertise in the Medium Voltage market, providing all services and products related to medium voltage
cable (i.e. to hold, fasten, terminate, splice, identify, test, ground, repair, or certify) for wind, solar and heavy industry:
  • sourcing of equipment, hardware, parts, cable and cable accessories, rubber goods and accessories
  • safety and grounding, bonding
  • electrical forensics and failure analysis
  • engineering services to the electrical industry, including utilities, government, and renewable energy
  • custom design and kitting for wind, solar, industrial, and institiutional projects - both domestic and international

We also provide the following project-critical services (and more):
  • managed risk
  • compliance performance factoring
  • training - 5kV through 138kV
  • installation, inspection and certification
  • engineering services & design
  • constructability evaluation

As a government contractor and forensics specialist, CP4MV brings unparalleled global experience to your project.   

We offer a broad spectrum of products and services globally, with the process extending throughout the entire lifecycle of the project from "cradle to grave" - including the
issue of risk management - quickly, cost effectively, and accurately, all while driving your project schedule to completion, on time and on target.

Contact CP4MV today, to discuss your unique project requirements.
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