About CP4MV

Central Products 4 Medium Voltage is headquartered in Bridgeport West Virginia.  Bob Edge, Principal, has over thirty years of widely varied,
worldwide experience the large scale power engineering industry.


During his career, Mr. Edge worked for 3M, helping industrial clients
develop, train and deploy power cable hardware in low, medium and
high voltage applications.

After 3M, Mr. Edge was VP at Medium Voltage Service Group where his
technical skills were used by his clients to remedy installation issues in the
field, to perform forensic analysis on cable failure and engineering services.

Mr. Edge has helped build 55 combined cycle power plants with Bechtel
around the world on all continents except Australia.

As a Defense Department contractor, Mr. Edge is assigned to the US
Navy LANDIV GROUP, and has worked on projects for the Coast Guard.
He has worked with the state of West Virginia on the issue of mine explosions.

Mr Edge is now also serving as Field Applications Tech for American Wire Group.  As AWG’s application engineer, Mr. Edge is responsible
for ensuring the proper use of AWG’s cables and providing field engineering on wind generation facilities.
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